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Why Our CEO Loves Being a Project Manager In 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

It's not only big enterprises that require project management. Today, even small businesses need an individual who will be liable for a legitimate work process and control every aspect of those processes to get the best outcome. The work of a project manager may sound somewhat stressful and sometimes complicated for a single person. However, it is doable and gratifying if you are committed to your work and comprehend the significance of communication and team management.

I chose project management as my career because I believed that I had the necessary skills to be a good project manager. I am listing 8 of these necessary skills below to help you decide if project management is a good career path for you.

Why Our CEO Loves Being a Project Manager in 2023
Founder & CEO of Optimize Management Group, LLC

1. Excellent Communication Skills

I want to start this list with the essential skill. Having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your team members while managing a project is significant. If you choose Project Management as a career path, it is vital to communicate deadlines, milestones, and KPIs with your team to set them up for success when executing project tasks.

2. Honorable

Even if it’s hard to see, project management is everywhere. Businesses of all kinds rely on project management techniques to boost their sales, scale their capabilities, and expand their presence within the market.

3. Enthusiastic

What would you choose? A pessimistic leader or an optimistic leader? Well, the choice is evident here. Nobody likes an opposing manager because eventually, it will lead the team to fail. I always have been optimistic about most things in my life. A positive outlook is essential for success. Subsequently, a team loves an enthusiastic leader who motivates them and not a manager who scolds them. You also tend to spread positivity and enthusiasm to others.

4. Problem Solver

As we discuss the great reasons you should consider being a project manager, I would like to share with you that you should enjoy problem-solving! Being a problem solver has helped me with excelling as a project manager. A project manager should have the ability to compile data, gauge the related advantages and disadvantages, and figure out the best solution for business growth. Solid critical thinking abilities will permit you to have an organized way to deal with issues to accomplish a positive outcome. It's not that I solely enjoy solving problems, but I like solving them in a creative and resourceful way. And if for whatever reason, I can't figure it out on my own, I have a fantastic team backing me up if there are issues and vice versa.

5. organization

I hate to be cliché, yet there's no avoiding it: organization is perhaps the primary skill that made me choose the path of project management. However, while it could be the most average project management skill on this list, fortunately, it's perhaps the most important. Hence one of the skills simplest to rehearse and create. Organization in project management is a broad term that covers plenty of related sub-skills. You need to arrange the projects in detail for everyday things like time management and task management that permits you to get your day-to-day work done and be in the perfect spot at the ideal time. Furthermore, as a project manager, you are not only liable for keeping yourself coordinated and dealing with your work — every other person is depending on you as well. So it's not difficult to perceive why the organization is perhaps my main qualities as a project manager.

6. delegator

A crucial part of my job is the appointment of tasks to the ideal people. This includes becoming more acquainted with a team where I perceive their qualities and capacities entirely and comprehend what they specialize in. With this information readily available, I assign the correct tasks to the perfect people and accomplish the ideal outcomes. Having the option to delegate a task to somebody and leave knowing that I can trust him to do it well frees up my time.

7. empathy

Empathy is the capacity to see how others around you may be feeling and see things from their point of view. As a project manager, empathy enables me to draw in with everybody I work with more humanely and beneficially. Thus, that helps me be a wiser manager and make a more persuasive, rewarding business climate for my team. Since I am better situated to comprehend what drives every person, I am likely to be better prepared to build up their abilities and arrive at their objectives. In project management, we also like to use the term Emotional Intelligence.

8. ZEN

Approaching deadlines, troublesome stakeholder discussions, things not going according to plan — as a project manager, I don't simply have to endure the pressure; I have to thrive in it. Especially in an office (or virtual) climate, where things are speedy and continuously changing, project managers have to keep a level head and settle on significant decisions under tension (even if you are freaking out a little on the inside). However, if you're customer confronting, if you need to be an incredible venture director, you should have the option to think and react quickly, make innovative arrangements, and keep the group feeling good, not terrified. Being calm is essential.


How did I develop my skills? Well, the ideal approach to get familiar with these project management skills is by practicing them consistently.

Likewise with most things, when you know the areas you need to improve, you can search out opportunities to work on them.

Begin sharpening your soft skills, and you will find that they will become your biggest assets, just like mine.

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