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Digital Transformation Driven by Project Management to Create a Future-Proof Marketing Team

Our Client

Gibraltar Industries is a leading manufacturer and provider of products and services for the renewable energy, residential, agtech, and infrastructure markets. The corporation owns several brands across these sectors and operates within the U.S. and beyond. Gibraltar's common stock is a component of the S&P SmallCap 600 and the Russell 2000® Index.

The Challenge

The Corporate Marketing team at Gibraltar needed leadership to manage and organize their nationwide corporate rebrand while juggling their daily operational workload and other important project initiatives. Other projects included planning the company's 50th-anniversary celebration across 28 locations and their 2021 CSR report. Although the leadership team recognized these were important activities, it was impossible, especially within the corporate marketing team, to find the internal capacity to deliver and complete these initiatives.

Our Solution

We used our project management and marketing operation expertise gained by working across various sectors to establish a streamlined Marketing Operations framework driven by Project Management.
After discovery interviews and fact-finding discussions, we identified the key challenges, barriers, and capacity gaps we needed to address. At the same time, we were developing a detailed project management plan to align and resource each activity for successful completion. This also ensured that we could work with colleagues within the business to access the information and knowledge required to complete each project. Project Management tools such as cloud-based Work Operating Systems and their new Digital Asset Management System became our backbone throughout our partnership with Gibraltar. These tools and systems allowed us to ensure alignment with the overall project schedule and scope as we began working through the various projects for completion, managing stakeholders, and coordinating workstreams.

The Results

Gibraltar has completed several major projects with our team, including the full rebrand across the business. This includes the company's physical and digital assets. We also were able to create new processes to enable the business to streamline agency management, budget management, invoice tracking, and marketing operations. Other internal projects that would leave a legacy for the company include the 2021 CSR report and their 50th Anniversary celebrations. The leadership team has been extremely pleased with the results:

"Ayanna knows our business and our team members and is an incredible project manager for any facet of our business. She was a true pleasure to work with and added tremendous value."
As a result of our work, Gibraltar has built a solid foundation for future growth within its corporate marketing team and the other business units we worked with to deliver this project.

"Ayanna and her team have worked as marketing operations contractors for us since the year's first quarter, managing projects covering brand, CSR, agency management, invoice processing, budget tracking, and more! I am unsure what I would have done without their support this year!"

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