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Leverage our simplified project management tools.

Our services can offer a range of benefits that can help your organization effectively plan, execute, and complete projects. Book a free discovery call today!

Digital Project Management

We offer Digital Project Manager services designed to simplify and streamline your project management needs. Our seasoned project managers, armed with cutting-edge technology and expertise, remotely plan, execute, and oversee your projects with precision.

Benefit from:
✓ Efficiency: Seamlessly manage projects without the constraints of location.
✓ Transparency: Real-time updates and clear communication with our virtual team.
✓ Cost-Effectiveness: Minimize overhead costs associated with on-site project management.
✓ Access to Talent: Tap into a diverse talent pool without borders.
Experience a hassle-free way to achieve project success. Let us be your virtual project management partner.

Project Management Software Selection & Implementation

Unlock the power of efficient project management with our Project Management Software Selection and Implementation service. At  Optimize Management Group, we simplify your journey to finding and integrating the perfect project management software for your unique needs.
Our Implementation Specialists guide you through:
✓ Strategic Selection: Identify the ideal software tailored to your project requirements.
✓ Seamless Integration: Effortlessly implement the chosen software into your workflow.
✓ Training: Equip your team with the skills to maximize software potential.
✓ Ongoing Support: Ensure continued success with our post-implementation assistance

Marketing Operations

Experience marketing excellence with our Marketing Operations service! We coordinate all of the moving parts of marketing, empowering you to efficiently plan, execute, and measure marketing projects (campaigns, content, tradeshow/events, etc.)
Our service includes:
✓ Efficient Workflows: Streamline your marketing processes for optimal productivity.
✓ Resource Allocation: Ensure the right people are on the right tasks.
✓ Data-Driven Insights: Harness data to make informed marketing decisions.
✓ Budget Control: Maximize ROI with tight control over marketing spend.
We’re here to help your organization elevate your marketing efforts, drive growth, and achieve outstanding results.

Project Planning

Empower your projects with precision through our Project Planning service. We simplify the complexities of project initiation, ensuring a strong foundation for your success.


Our service includes:

✓ Strategic Planning: Align projects with your organizational goals.

✓ Scope Definition: Clearly define project objectives and deliverables.

✓ Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocate and manage resources.

✓ Timeline Development: Create realistic project schedules.

✓ Risk Assessment: Identify and mitigate potential roadblocks.


A great investment to ensure you start your projects right, reduce uncertainties, and set a course for smooth execution.

Work Management Process Improvement

Our Work Management Process Improvement service is a great way to revitalize your workflows. We take a tailored approach to greater efficiency and productivity.
Our service includes:
✓ Process Analysis: Assess your current workflows for bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
✓ Optimization Strategies: Implement improvements to streamline work processes.
✓ Technology Integration: Leverage cutting-edge tools for enhanced productivity.
✓ Team Training: Equip your team with the skills to excel in optimized processes.
✓ Continuous Enhancement: Stay agile with ongoing process refinements.
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Client Stories

Discover how our simplified project management solutions have empowered our clients to streamline projects, boost efficiency, and achieve remarkable results.

Callan Consulting

A San Francisco Bay Area-based firm with over two decades of experience in executive-level marketing consulting for technology companies, faced challenges in managing its rapid growth. Owner Ed was overwhelmed with numerous ongoing projects, relying heavily on spreadsheets, leading to confusion and missed deadlines. Seeking a solution, the firm partnered with us at Optimize Management Group.

Working closely with Ed, we identified the firm's pain points, focusing on coordination, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Within a month, we implemented a streamlined project management system using and Slack integration, complemented by Microsoft Office file system management. This comprehensive solution provided clearly defined workflows and productivity tools, enhancing project management efficiency and encouraging cross-collaboration.

The optimized system relieved Ed from hands-on project management, allowing him to concentrate on strategic business development. With the new infrastructure in place, the firm confidently took on more projects, meeting client demands and exploring new opportunities. The success of this partnership established a long-term relationship, with Optimize Management Group continuing to provide ongoing project management support. Ed praised our CEO, Ayanna, for her organizational skills and dedication, emphasizing her value to any team.

A prominent manufacturer and provider in the renewable energy, residential, agtech, and infrastructure sectors, faced the challenge of managing a nationwide corporate rebrand, a 50th-anniversary celebration across 28 locations, and their 2021 CSR report while handling their daily operations. The internal capacity was insufficient for these important initiatives.

Through discovery interviews, we identified challenges and devised a detailed project management plan. Leveraging cloud-based Work Operating Systems and Digital Asset Management, we streamlined processes, managing stakeholders and workstreams. The outcome was a successful rebrand encompassing physical and digital assets, streamlined agency and budget management, and efficient marketing operations. The leadership team expressed their satisfaction with our work, emphasizing the value Optimize Management Group brought to the project.

Our efforts have provided Gibraltar a robust foundation for future growth in their corporate marketing and other business units. Our ongoing support has proven indispensable, ensuring smooth operations in critical areas like brand management, CSR, agency coordination, and budget tracking.

Gibraltar Industries

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