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Having worked extensively in the MarTech industry for the last six years, I have gained a passion for Project Management and Operations. Due to my diverse experience, I've noticed a gap for Marketing Agencies and smaller businesses in particular. As visionaries and ‘ideas people,’ I felt my skills in defining processes, increasing efficiency, and ensuring compliance could really help translate creative ideas into tangible outcomes. 


My goals are to empower you to scale your business by helping you select and implement the best tools and applications needed to accomplish your goals.

I can provide the framework for you to scale through our sophisticated services portfolio. The two Project Management solutions we offer redefine how your business handles projects & back-end operations that can help digitally transform and optimize your business. 


When your business is operating seamlessly in the back-end, the success reverberates beyond deliverables and into your entire business. Contact us today to find out which of our services is right for you.

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mission statement

Our mission is personal at Optimize Management Group. We unlock new business growth by transforming small businesses that are ready to grow. We accomplish our mission by taking a holistic approach to tackling business objectives and developing the leadership skills to make it happen. We partner with Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Nonprofits, and provide the professional guidance, tools, resources, and strategic direction needed to drive transformation.